I am


A forced sex slave


beaten & drugged into submission




sold between the extreme wealthy




throughout my life











David Rockefeller Sr.


The Queen Mother

Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon


Queen Elizabeth II


David Rockefeller, Jr.



Italy's Prime Minister


Giulio Andreotti



Prince Charles of Whales


President HW  Bush


French President

François Hollande



Al Maktoum Family

rulers of

Emirate of Dubai

 in the United Arab Emirates









And have made my life a game

 to steal each others money


By raping me, my family and many others












♫ Lynyard Skynyrd - That Ain't My America ♫








while others are








♫ Kid Rock - Racing Father Time ♫




Time - Tie Me






before his 100th birthday


June 12, 1915








♫ The Runaways - Cherry Bomb ♫


The Nu R Sway















I Am a Victim

of Human Trafficking.





 I was born  a


Penny Stock


on the


Stock Market




ffgo / fig



Walt Disney Mafia and


The New Orleans Mafia





The President

of the United States




To make my stock share


as cheap as possible



He turned me into a prostitute

And this is a

 list of few of their men


I have serviced

when they made me


Mafia Clients







The Gap Band -


B and Pa G







Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party







Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band



Low Nee









Chic Ken Foot


Chicken Foot





 Chic a french word,

 made up by the English,

borrowed from the Germans


♫ Chic - Le Freak ♫




Chic (/ˈʃiːk/ sheek;

currently Chic featuring Nile Rodgers)


is an American band

 that was organized during 1976






Ohio Ago






The Chickens>>>

Kens / Hens









































President George H.W.Bush,


President George Bush


President Barack Obama


BOB / Job


























Mic Key












Italy's Prime Minister

Guilio Andreotti



Eve Street Job

J = Jimmy

O = Obama

B - Bill Clinton







Pope Francis



Pope Benedict XVI



Pope John Paul II









Zeus - Juniper






My name is

Krista from

Rosemont, IL,

Outside Chicago.

Near O'hare airport.


And this is Bob, aka Kid Rock,

from Romeo, Mi.

Near Detroit





Ray Stevens - Ahab The Arab


United Arab Emirates



Zayed bin Al Nahayan


6 August 1966 – 2 November 2004




Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan





♫ Styx - Castle Walls ♫


Cast  Lee Law


New Order / New Orleans


OZ - New Order





Queen Elizabeth 2






President Barack Obama


Vice President Joe Biden












My life is a game they play. Taking turns at manipulating me. Changing every year.



♬ Eve N Now Bury Man - I - Low♬




New Orleans crime family


David Rockefeller Jr

Queen Elizabeth 2

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh


Riding on the City of New Orleans

Illinois Central Monday morning rail

Fifteen cars and fifteen restless riders

Three conductors and twenty-five sacks of mail





Prince Charles of Whales













known as the


Ringo Starr






















Mayor Richard Daley


John DiFronzo


Rudy Fratto


James Marcello



known as John "No Nose" DiFronzo



Bonanno, Colombo,


Gambino,Genovese and Lucchese.















Kid Rock


January 17, 1971


Al Capone


January 17, 1899


Robert James Ritchie


Rob -


ERT = Elizabeth, Rockefeller, Trump


JA = German Yes


Yes - Y = Wine Glass




Mes = Mess


R = Rockefeller






i.e. = "id est" = Latin for "that is" (in other words)


re = Latin for "by the thing" = in English used to mean "about" or "concerning"


Krista Ritchie - Patterson














♫ Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers♫


♫ Jefferson Jericho Blues ♫








the first five books of the Bible



These four sources

came to be known as the

Yahwist, or Jahwist, J


(J being the German equivalent of the English letter Y)



the Elohist, E;


the Deuteronomist, D,


(the name comes from the Book of Deuteronomy, D's contribution to the Torah);


and the Priestly Writer, P








Danielle - James








Mary - James











I = Illuminati


jacko / jackie









Democratic-Republican Party








and we are



Freddie Mac / Fannie Mae



















mic HI nag






nag 1    (năg)

v. nagged, nag·ging, nags

1. To annoy by constant scolding, complaining, or urging.

2. To torment persistently, as with anxiety or pain.


1. To scold, complain, or find fault constantly: nagging at the children.

2. To be a constant source of anxiety or annoyance:

nag 2 (năg)


1. A horse, especially:

a. An old or worn-out horse.

b. Slang A racehorse.

2. Archaic A small saddle horse or pony.



Krista Danielle Patterson




Robert James Ritchie






Welcome to the Nightmare











Cape Coral, FL






Mayor John Sullivan








4 Years as

Mayor of Cape Coral, Florida


Former Member of the

Chicago Board of Trade

























































Governor Rick Scott










Governor Charlie Crist









 Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott











Rosemont, IL






Mayor Bradly Stephens











Leyden Board President


Mark Stephens








Donald E. Stephens


























The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas














♫ AC/DC Who Made Who ♫




























James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr.


 (born October 1, 1924)






a Democrat, served as a U.S. Naval officer, was a peanut farmer,


served two terms as a Georgia State Senator and one as Governor of Georgia (1971–1975)




John F. Kennedy


Jimmy Carter


Bill Clinton






Full Definition of EDDY


a :  a current of water or air running contrary to the main current; especially :  a circular current :  whirlpoo


lb :  something moving similarly


2:  a contrary or circular current (as of thought or policy)




Ter_(chromosome), Parts of a chromosome – pter is short arm; qter is long arm;

Definition of TER

1 terrace

2 territory




clint (klɪnt)


1. (Geological Science) a section of a limestone pavement separated from adjacent sections by solution fissures. See grike

2. (Physical Geography) any small surface exposure of hard or flinty rock, as on a hillside or in a stream bed

[C12: from Danish and Swedish klint, from Old Swedish klinter, related to Icelandic klettr rock]











Dead Poets Society











He was a Chicken

President Barack Obama






Chicken / foot


Chicago/ Kens






June 25, 2009


Michael Jackson



Jackson died while in his bed

at his rented mansion at


100 North Carolwood Drive

in the Holmby Hills

district of Los Angeles.


Attempts at resuscitating him

by Conrad Murray,

his personal physician,

were unsuccessful .





But now


♫ Cheap Trick - He's A Whore ♫



David Rockefeller





Mitt Romney


Rudy Giuliani


Michael Bloomberg







and followed by














New Orleans crime family




David Rockefeller Jr.



Queen Elizabeth 2






Prince Charles of Whales


































I believe this is him advertising the rape of me in Cape Coral.


What he is telling people is that they are only giving me 20 bucks a day,


4 dollar beers  for 12 oz.


but they wouldn't even do that much and still won't today.




They used the words scalping tickets.


I am their ticket to ride, the gravy train






Friend of David Rockefeller Jr. & business


Partner of David Rockefeller Sr.








Her executions of Protestants caused her opponents to give her the sobriquet "Bloody Mary".






Mary_I_of_England/ Philip_II_of_Spain



Sometimes called "The Virgin Queen", "Gloriana" or "Good Queen Bess",




Adolf Hitler







The Beatles - Come Together















McDonald's Corporation









W - double U





The Gateway to the West


we street


Oui, oui!


Ottomen, Illuminatis,







I was black balled from working


similair to what was done to this man







his son


President Obama






My Masters








George W. Bush


George H. W. Bush


Jimmy Carter


Bill Clinton







Red Rider

Lunatic Fringe



SoS , Money


The Rolling Stones

 Ruby Tuesday


The Who

Who Are You


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Tin Pan Alley


Alice Cooper

Welcome To My Nightmare


 The Beatles

A Day In The Life


Van Halen

Running With The Devil



 Who Made Who


Chris Isaak

Baby Did A Bad Thing,


Alabama 3

Woke Up This Morning


Pink Floyd

Have A Cigar


Coyote Shivers

Sugar High


Rebel Son

You Can't Turn A

Whore Into A Lady


Disney's Snow White

A Smile and a Song



Same Old Song and Dance


 Alice Cooper

 Welcome To My Nightmare


Fleetwood Mac

World Turning




The Who

Legal Matter


Bad Company

Bad Company


Blue Oyster Cult

Don't fear The Reaper


The Who

See Me


Pete Townshend

Slit Skirts


 Pink Floyd

Run Like Hell


Pink Floyd

 Hey You


Pink Floyd



Frank Sinatra

Love and Marriage


The Who

Squeeze Box


The Who

I Can't Explain


The Rolling Stones

Sympathy For The Devil


Alice Cooper

Welcome to my Nightmare


Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin



Minnie Riperton

Inside My Love


Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin




Minnie Riperton

Inside My Love


Billy Swan

Let Me Help


The Box Tops

The Letter




Queen Elizabeth 2 her sort of unbirthday

her unbirthday being 10.21.1926


 Vincent Eugene Craddock

(February 11, 1935 – October 12, 1971)


My mother is Barbara Laurel Koehn - cane

 candy - c andy - c and y - ZYX


Rosemont Illinois


My Father Louis Albert Patterson


Terre Haute , Indiana


Had Three Children

Rub a Dub Dub

The Baker/Maker...


Patrick Mark Patterson


Day of Dead


The Candlestick maker


Kelli Jean Patterson


Gottlieb Hospital

God Lie  B


The Butcher


Krista Danielle Patterson


Holy Family Hospital

Des Plaines, Il



I am told that my father has DNA

 from Robert Johnson, a blues musician with a

Devil legend attached.

live D


He being the third person on this list of the

27 club


Alexandre Levy -  1.17.1892

levee -


Louis Chauvin - 3.26.1908


Nat Jaffe - 8.16.1938

effaj = effigy tan


Mini S Try



I believe I am being told these are Angels or leapers


10 Lords a Leaping



My Grand Father , Orland Arthur Koehn Born October 31, 1912 / Halloween


My grand fathers egg was fertilized by


Rosemary Kennedy

In 1941, when Rosemary Kennedy was 23


1941 is the year my mother was born, David Rockefeller Jr. ,

41 st President is George HW Bush

2014 is last year

Saturday Night Live celebrated their 40 anniversary Feb 14. 2015

41 = h = 4 th planet mars

1 is mercury



I am told...


My sister is gaia.






When my sister was born they scrambled her brains

so they could harvest her eggs. and produce more




Now today I get "raped "




on who these people are

gods and offspring.



By the board (the presidents), My friends and my Dead family, being that they also left many verbal "clues" as well.











magic = sigma

100 years cycle

bi cycle






X connecting this world and  underworld


8 represents each side


8 oxo vs o with a diamond , disconnecting the two



⚔♦ XV

0      ʌ


A long time ago it was disconnected.








Don Adams Barbara Felcon

Get Smart

SM - Art

The abbr. of Sado Masochsm

Agent 99

add harley 112 anniv



♫ Kid Rock - Half Your Age ♫



44 th President


Queen is 88






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